Bim-GDPR is a javascript tool allowing users to manage their personal data services according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Bim-GDPR is highly customizable and allows you to integrate it easily in your website.

Project pages


We believe in the contextual integration of the personal data services manager on your websote. That's why Bim-GDPR gives a great importance is made around customization. And according to this article, you should care about customization.

The modular structure of Bim-GDPR allows you to use your own template, use your own description texts and organize them in the best consistency according to your application, and in the simpliest way.

User friendly

Bim-GDPR is made by users and for users. The main philosophy is the benefit of the users of your website. Bim-GDPR proposes services that allow users to manage their personal data in an ethical way. As so, it does not only deal with cookie management but it proposes some tools for developpers that ease a good integration of third party services.


The service is totally free and there is no paying features. When a service or a template is added to Bim-GDPR, it is directly and freely available.


Bim-GDPR allows you to integrate only services you use on your application. It delivers better load performance and user understanding.