Why should you care about customization ?

When you build a website, you may use some services that use cookies that can require personal data (like IP address) such as tracking services. According to GDPR, you are not allowed to activate these services untill the user explicitly enables it. So, if you don't want to let your tracking service vain, you should propose the activation of this service as soon as possible. That's why you should use a service manager that shows an interface where the user would be able to activate your service. There are many tools on the web that do so, but are not easily customizable. And you should not underestimate the graphic integration of your service manager.

Your service manager should not look like an ad !

What we finally want to do is enable the service. But we want to do it in an ethical way. We don't want to force the user's hand or hide the activation. Thus, to do so, we have to inform the user that we need him to enable some services, and then increase the chance that he does what we expect.

That's why we put forward the importance of graphic customization, and content customization. When you ask your user to make a choice, you have to make it in a good context to facilitate its understanding. Which context is better than your website to provide information about your website ? Taking that into account, any services manager that does not look like the main part of your website will appear like an irritating external element, which it is fundamentaly not. We are also web users, we don't like to be irritated. So, please, do not irritate your users.

With customization Without customization
Graphical The services manager looks like the content the user want to see.
The user will read the information panel
the service manager is aggressive, it looks like an ad
The user will not read, and not enable the service
Information The use of personal data is explained and contextualized
The user can enable safely
The service information is not clear, too technical
The user will not enable

Don't let your services manager decide for you !

Most of the services managers don't let you decide what is important for your website. In many of these tools, you cannot order the services you propose, or contextualize the informative text (explain what the service is used for). Customization allows you to answer at your own questions, by editing your onw text, your own behaviors. It is important to consider that the service manager is part of your website. It is clearly not the main purpose of your site but it doesn't have to be neglected either. Before intagrating a services manager you have to ask yourself some questions, and consider the importance of customization.

With customization Whithout customization
What is the priority of the services for the user ? Easily ordering services You don't have choice
Can services be grouped to facilitate the user understanding ? Easily grouping services You don't have choice
What is the importance of the user's choice ? Should he access the content before he make an explicit choice Easily define behaviors You don't have choice