Declare service

Now we want to declare services. Services are independant classes so you can only load services you use on your application.


We can use the addService method which can be chained. For performance, the best way is to declare services before initialisation. But you can declare services whenever you want.

import { GTAGService } from "bim-gdpr/src/services/gtag/gtag"
import { MatomoService } from "bim-gdpr/src/services/matomo/matomo"

    // ----- Add services : 
    .addService( new GTAGService('U-*******') )
    .addService( new MatomoService('//matomo.php') )

    // -----
    .setTemplate( new DefaultTemplate() ) // Initialize the view
    .init() // Initialize the core


You can also use the createService method. The difference between addService and createService is : - addService declares the service and returns the bgdpr core object - createService declares the service and returns the service object. It can be usefull if you want to setup the service.